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All 50 states have a “move over” law. Please get informed on your state’s specific law
and be aware of the guidelines. Basically, the law requires that all drivers SLOW
DOWN and MOVE OVER to create a safe distance between moving vehicles and the
emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

You can read more information here:  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Emergency vehicles include police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, though some
states may require that drivers follow this law for any vehicle with blinking or flashing
lights, according to DOT. From my own tow company owner perspective and tow truck
driver experience, please pull over for tow trucks also. I have been brushed by the side
mirrors of passing vehicles, that seemed to speed up as they passed me. I also asked
that you please take it a step further and SLOW DOWN/ MOVE OVER for any vehicle
on the shoulder of the road. This simple action will prevent accidents and save lives.

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