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Towing Services

STRANDEDDNA is a locally based Indianapolis towing company dedicated to providing you with the most positive towing, roadside assistance, mobile heavy duty repair experience imaginable. We simplify a challenging situation to make it easier for our customers with our variety of services which include flatbed towing, emergency towing, commercial towing, winching, asset retrieval, and more. We will provide you with an accurate cost estimate, as well as a detailed description of the services you require. Our experienced and courteous  specialists will assist you along every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you with the best, and most affordable local towing service that you can find.

Flat Bed Towing

Strandeddna  offers  24 Hour Flatbed Truck Towing for large vehicles, heavy duty equipment, mobile homes, and more. This is one of the most reliable and secure ways to tow your vehicle. Our certified technicians will quickly respond with our flatbed trucks, and will quickly and securely fasten your vehicle on the lift for safe passage. SUV & Van Towing – We carry the necessary equipment to load or unload any heavy SUV or Van on and off any towing equipment, or raised platform.Accident Towing – If you find yourself in the unfortunate occurrence of an accident, simply contact Chicago Towing – we’ll be on the scene in no time, providing you the safe and affordable service you need to transport your broken down vehicle.

  • Emergency Towing: We’ll come to your location and tow your vehicle – no matter the place, no matter the time. 24 Hours Emergency towing.
  • Light Truck Towing: We offer a fleet of Light Duty Trucks for any distance towing of small vehicles, furniture, construction equipment, and more.
  • Wheel Lift Towing: This mode of towing is ideal for preventing damage to cars during the trip – we hold all the proper, industry standard equipment for safe, efficient wheel lift towing.
  • Dolly Towing: This method of towing utilizes heavy duty chains and ratchet tire straps to provide your car with extra security while being towed.

Low Clearance Tow Trucks

For the times that space is an issue we have low clearance tow trucks. When you are stranded in a parking garage or tight parking lots with limited space at events, apartments, or malls; No worries. We can safely lift, load, and tow your vehicle.

Medium-Duty Towing

If you have a vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs., medium-duty towing is the correct option for you. If you aren’t sure what your vehicle weighs, consider that large trucks and delivery vehicles typically weigh above this weight.  Our extra wide trucks are perfect for commercial vehicles including box trucks, ambulances, mail trucks and much more.

Long Distance Towing

Save lots of money on getting your vehicle towed long distances to any state by Strandeddna. We are the ideal service for towing vehicles for over 100 miles to 2000 miles.  We go the extra mile. Long-distance towing can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for transporting your vehicle from one home to your new home, or whether it’s getting your stranded car back to your house safely and across many miles. Our powerful diesel trucks can easily carry your car, truck, motorcycle or heavy equipment across the nation – and at a great price too! If you need a car towing service that specializes in long distance tows, our prices are generally much lower than any local auto vehicle towing company. Call us now for a free quote.

We are a long-distance towing company that safely move cars and motorcycles, across the united states. We provide full-service transportation, picking up your car at its origin and safely delivering it to your chosen destination. From classic cars to hunks of junk in need of restoration, we handle all car transport with care and attention to detail. Our towing company knows that towing a vehicle across the country can be very stressful. Vehicles to most people are their 2nd most valuable possession, next to their home. All of our employees understand the importance of keeping a close eye on small details to ensure the entire shipping process is stress free. From the first time you call up our office, until the day that our driver arrives at your door, the agent assigned to your order will be there to answer any questions you may have and solve any issues that may arise. What differentiates us from other Long-Distance towing companies is our many years of experience in shipping vehicles all over the US. Whether you’re towing a car from Indianapolis to New York, or you are a snowbird transporting your vehicle to Florida, we get the job done the right way, the first time. So you can relax knowing that your job is being completed by good hands.